Why use the

Professional Black Car Network

Looking for a PROFESSIONAL Driver?

A little less like THIS….

…but not quite this

Did you know….

The black car operators you find on the popular platforms

Are really Independent Small Businesses?

And the TWO THINGS the large platforms have in common are

High Operator Fees

The large platforms often keep more than half of the fare you pay for each trip. And tips… Well, they’re magical! Sometimes they seem to do a disappearing act.

  • Operators pay ALL Vehicle Expenses
  • Operators pay ALL Commercial Insurance
  • Operators do ALL the work

Little to NO Accountability

The large platforms are so concerned about their drivers being reclassified as employees they’re afraid to dictate any policy at all. This is why quality varies so widely

  • GoBlackCar Operators AGREE to uphold professional standards of appearance
  • GoBlackCar Operators AGREE to provide professional services such as opening doors and handling luggage.